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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Playlist - 14th January 2017 - Funkology

BBC  Radio Player 

Venus - Madiason '76 - Columbia
The Dells - Get on down (Young Pulse Mix) - Mercury
Chuck Brown & Soul Searchers - Berro E Sombaro -  Source
Jodaji - Seven Mile Soul (DJ Spen mix) -  Quantize
Donald Byrd - Change (Makes you want to hustle) - Blue Note
Louis Vega feat. Zara McFarlane - Because we love it - Vega Records
Mulata Astatke & Black Jesus Experience - Netsenet - BJX
Shamrock - Black Mamba - Peng
Sonny Jenkins & New York Pot Pourri Strings - That Friday Pay - Stout - sr1-1001
Ree Morris & DJ Christos - Butterflies - Katsaitis Music
People's Choice - If you're gonna do it (put your mind to it) - Philadelphia International
Shelia Ford - Lacosta (DJ Spen Lation Soul Mix) - Quantize
Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion - Kalinda
Adam Rios feat. Koffee - Welcome to my club - Tribe
Cerrone - Experience - Malligator
Oscar Sulley, The Uhuru Dance Band- Bukom Mashie - JKriv Mix - Razor-N-Tape
Brian Auger - Happiness is Just Around the Corner - RCA

Monday, January 09, 2017

Boomkat Charts -2016

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Playlist - 7th January 2017

BBC  Radio Player 

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar No.1 (China version) - Leghorn
SKRS - Budget dancehall (SKRS Dub I-Wah version) - Boomarm Nation
Gulls - Inside way (version) - ROHS Records
Desove - Sammy's way - ROHS Records
Facta - Something's gonna happen - Ancient Monarchy
Parris - Bloom (Helm remix) - Ancient Monarchy
VMO$ & Boofy - May - No Corner
Julia Holter - So lillies - Domino Documents pre
Grouper - Headache - Yellowelectric
Beatrice Dillon - Can I change my mind? - Boomkat Editions
Via Maris - Credentials - Mechanical Reproductions mr01
The Key - Slow peel - Calm Tapes
Uqbar - Celestial waves (Ambient version)
Nightingales - The Divorce That Never Was - Tiny Global Productions
Aurelio - Sielpa - Real World Records
Frau Pouch - Ham Planet - Skingasm Records
Awa Poulo -   Dimo Taou Yata- Awesome Tapes from Africa
Rocks & Waves Song Cycle - 1 - Bongo Joe
Xam Duo - I extend my arms - Sonic Cathedral
Little Axe - 18 hammers - On U Sound pre
Dan Pickett - Something's going wrong - Death is Not the End
Roha Band - Instrumental Music Track 6 - Awesome Tapes from Africa cassette
*AR - The Primary Menstruum or Mother-Liquid - Aeolian Music

Friday, January 06, 2017

Harmony On the Wire

Thursday, January 05, 2017

All the Dubs On the Wire Reunited

"DUBS ON THE WIRE" Chapter One

Introduction - Lee Scratch Perry - Cloak & Dagger
Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar/On the Wire - On U/Leghorn
Trinity/Mighty Two - Ranking Version - Errol T
Jah Stitch - Dragon, Snake & Spider Version - Record City  
Earl Zero/Soul Syndicate    Shackles & Chains Version    Freedom Sounds
Joe Gibbs & the Professionals    Cooling Out    Heavy Duty
Prince Buster All-Stars    Mr. D.C. Version    Fab.
Chinna    Saturday Night Version    Attack
Revoluntionaries    Still Hurting    High Note
Rockers All Stars    Rose Lane Dub    Rockers International
Aggrovators    Easy Skanking Version    Weed Beat
Jah Stitch    Version Mighty Maffia    Militant
Keith Hudson    Wild Fire. Pt.2    Mamba
Mighty Two    Natty Need a    Curnal    Belmont
Tommy McCook    A Steaming Version    Third World
Observers    Different Version    Dee Jay
Hugh Roy    Wake the Town    Duke Reid
King Stitt    King of Kings    Clan Disc
General Echo    Foxy Mama    Love
Upsetters    Noah Dub    Black Art
Soul Vendors    Pressure & Sounds    Studio One
God Sons    Merry Up    Green Door
Mercenaries    Eight Against Rome    Mummy
Wailers and S.O. Band    Rudie Version    Studio One
Augustus Pablo    El Rockers Version    Rockers
Jacob Miller    Keep on Knocking Version    Rockers
Aggrovators    Roots of Dub    Grounation
Upsetters    Blackboard Jungle Dub.    Ter .1.    Clocktower
Prophets    Give Praises    Grove
Burning Spear    Associate    Burning Spear
BunnyWailer    Battering Down    So tollionfc
Winston Riley    Stalag    Techniques
Dub Syndicate    Pounding System    On U Sound
High Times Band    Stand in Your Glory    High Times
Jammy and the Agravators    Channel One Run Away    Scorpion
Arabs    Long Life    Hit Run
The Enforcer    Pay Them    Well Charge
Willows    Send Another Moses Version    Coxsone
Jah Youth    Jay Be Not Envious    Untouchables
Jah Lloyd    I and I Search for Survival Black Art
UpSetter    Sugar Pond    Black Art
James Booms    Proverbs of Dub    Black Art
Jah Lloyd    Vampire    P.M.
Gregory Isaacs    Black & Kill Black    Morpheus
Jimmy and Glen    Nine Finger Jerry Lewis    Upsetter
Peter Tosh    Legalise It Version    Inter Diplo
Aggrovators    Duke of Earl    Live and Love
Junior Byles    East African Herbs Vendor    The Thing
Keese and 5 Black    Travellin' Debra Version    Black Art
Norwell Unlimited    Thunder and Lightning    Total Sound
Sydney Crooks    Bag O'Wire    Klix
The Key    Overcome    Key
King Tubbys    King at the Controls    Black and White
Jah Lloyd    Reggae Stick    Teem
Max Romeo    Dub a Virgin    Heavy Duty

All versions selected by Chris Reynolds, Steve Barker and Roger Eagle. "Dubs on the Wire_ Produced by Steve Barker.

 "DUBS ON THE WIRE" Chapter Two

Joe Gibbs & the Professionals    Chapter Three    Joe Gibbs Record Globe
Joe Gibbs & the Professionals    The Road is Rough
I Stand Accused    Joe Gibbs Belmont Joe Gibbs & the Professionals       
Revolutionaries    Pay Them version    Well Charge
Natty_General version  Ishens dub    Well Charge
Revolutionaries    New Establishement    The People Skanking   
Heart Breaker version    Bong Man  Money Disc  Studio One
New Establishement       
Richard & the Sound Dimension-s_    —    Crafty   
The Charriot    Your Dub version    Crystal  Move & Groove
Crystalites    Bass & Drum version   
Hugh Roy    Foundation version    Rebel
Techniques All Stars    Melting . of version     Riley Inc.
Techniques All Stars       
Fe-Me-Time All Stars    Mother Liza version   
Aggrovators    A Ruffer version    Jackpot  Jackpot
Aggrovators    A Noise Place   
Aggrovators    A Good version    Clocktower (V.S.)
Dirty Harry    The Poor Barber    Jackpot  Attack
pilliigi er/King Tubby/The Aggrovators    Jah Jah dub   
King Tubbys    Grate Stone    Freedom Sounds
King Tubbys    Watergate Rock
Psalms of Dub    Black & White
Ronnie Davis    Power of LOve    Rosie
No artist credit (Aggrovators)    King Tubbys in Fine Style
Number One in the World    Rosie
U Roy       
No artist credit (King Tubbys)    Tubbys at the Control V1
Tubbys at the Control V2    Pantomine
No artist credit (King Tubbys)       
Dillinger    Dub Organiser    Justice League
Upsetters    Freak Out Skank    Upsetter
Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny    Salaam-peace  Strange Mood    Crystal
Sun Shot
Prat All Stars       
Slim Smith & Hugh Roy    Love I Bring version    Mego-Ann  Aquarius
Chanan-Jah Syndicate
Tommy McCook    To the Field version
Musical Air-raid version  Musical Drum Sound Repatriation versio   
Not known (vocal - I Roy)       
Not known (vocal - I Roy)       
Drumbago All Stars
Leo Mobukth (vocal)    Sexology version    Soulbeat
Jah Barry (vocal)    Daily News version    Phase 1
Ranking Fish Eye.    Arena dub   
Ellis Band    Ten Steps Forward   
Augustus Pablo    False Dread    Prophets
Lloyd Parkes (vocal)    Mafia
Duke I Firl version    Cactus
Mighty Two    Fuluiment    Errol T
SlyMobbie&the Taxi Gang    Revolution dub    _    Taxi
Revolutionaries    Hurting inside version    High Note  Ocean
Carlton Patterson/Tubbys
Aggrovators    Black Lash   
    Peace and Love in the Ghetto version    Third World
—    --Aggravators
Harry Mudie    Channel feel this one   
    Dub with a difference    Moodiso
Eti:Mgo. Herman&the Rhythm Rulers    Car Pound Drifter    Moodisc
Sir Cocoons Sound    Black Wars Reggae    Regal

 "DUBS ON THE WIRE" Chapter Three

 Earl Sixteen    Malcolm X version    Wild Orchid
Pablo & the Crystalites    Bells of death    Crystal
Chariot Riders    Sensimilla dub    Crystal
Crystalites (I Roy)    Tough version    Trojan
Derrick & the Crystalites    Lion dub    Crystal
Chariot Riders    Tracks it    Crystal
Burning Spear    Marcus Garvey version    Fox
Big Youth & Tubbys    Mosiah Garvey version    --
Tyrone Downie & Black Experience  S dne Crooks    J    Marcus Jnr./version
Vivian Hall    Toronto Rock    Bunjo
Burning Spear    Slavery version    Fox
Tommy McCook    Toronto dub    Bunjo
King Tubby    A Rougher version    Trojan
Glen Brown    Sunshine showdown    Greensleeves
Glen Brown    The winner    Greensleeves
Glen Brown    Tel Aviv Drums    -
Bobby Ellis, Don Drummond Jnr & Glen Brown    Determination skank    Greensleeves
Glen Brown    No more slavery    Greensleeves
Glenmore Brown    Music from the South Side    Pantomine
Glenmore Brown    South East Rock    Pantomine
Fe Me Time Allstars    She is rockin'    Esoldun
Skin Flesh & Bones    Danny special    Spider Man
Skin Flesh & Bones    Super dub    Spider Man
Matador Band    Mad skank    Spider Man
Skin Flesh & Bones    Bone dub    Eagle
Keith Poppin    Why make believe version    Eagle
Lennox Brown    Corral dub    Rattle Soul
Lord Creator    Mother's love version    Chanan Jah
CB Allstars    Greedy version    Earthquake
Augustus Pablo & Horace Andy (Tubbys)    Rasta dub    Hungry Town
Augustus Pablo & Horace Andy (Tubbys)    Dub down Rome    Hungry Town
Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)    Revelation 8.11    J&L
Unknown DJ (Channel One)    Caveman Skank version    Hitbound
Dillinger    Plantation Heights version    Well Charge
Channel One Allstars    Kissinger dub    Flamingo
Tinga Stewart    Dry up your tears version    Knots
Vin Gordon    Kojo dub    Hugo
The Concious minds    Brainwash    Soul Beat
Vin Gordon    Freedom call version    CB30
Ace and the lnswings    Ace bound sound    Swing a Ling
Radway 7    The great Tommy McCook version    Jaguar    Grove
Tommy McCook    Steppin' high   
Tommy McCook    A steamin' version
Cominghome    Third World  Town & Country.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Playlist - 1st January 2017

BBC  Radio Player 

Mikael Seifu - How to Save a Life (Vector of Eternity) - [Zelalem] – RVNGNL
Marie Davidson - Good Vibes (Mocking Birds) - [Adieux Au Dancefloor] - Cititrax
Seekersinternational - ChannelTwo(MurderousDub) - [Presents the RaggaPreservation Society EP] - Diskotopia
Javascript - Prayer Hands - [Body Armor] - Knightwerk Records
DJRum - Space Race, Pt. 1 & 2 - [Space Race] - 2nd Drop Records
Paddy Mulcahy -  Sophie's Theme - [Tape Sketches ]
Four Tet - A lost track that I’ve been playing on the radio and stuff  Seemed like a nice thing to put out there because of smashing it on the internet etc 
Afro Celt Sound System - Mansani Cissé/Tàladh -[The Source]  - ECC
Mats Erlandsson - Use Roman Numerals - [Selective Miracles] - Posh Isolation
Perfume Advert - Mirror Shield  - [Big Gete Star] - 1080p
The Beacon Sound Choir-  Drone 1 -  [Sunday Morning Drones] - Infinite Greyscale
Mr. Fingers – Qwazars - [Outer Acid EP] - Alleviated Records
Ulver - England's Hidden - [ATGCLVLSSCAP] - House Of Mythology
Lucy - Meetings with Remarkable Entities - [Self Mythology] -     Stroboscopic Artefacts
Arovane - Modul 1 - [Modul] -     Echocord - echocord
Julianna Barwick - See Know - [Will] -     Dead Oceans
Olafur Arnalds – Doria - [Island Songs] - Mercury KX
LSO Percussion Ensemble - Music for Pieces of Wood - [Reich: Sextet, Music for Pieces of Wood, Clapping Music] -LSO Live
Ragazze Quartet - Riley - 'In C' - [Four Four Three ] - CHANNEL CLASSICS
Awar  - Jarvan - - [Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang / Windim Mabu] (Re-issue)- Ideologic Organ
Subset - New World Echo - [New World Echo] - DimbiDeep Music
Deepnaut - Jah Is My Driver - [ESPECTRUM] - AvantRoots
haircuts for men - 多くの巻き戻さvhsへ - [壊滅悲しみ] - Not On Label
Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke -  I Just Want You To Stay - - [It’s Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry] -     Editions Mego

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

808 State / A Guy Called Gerald - Christmas Bash - Manchester Ritz - December 1988

Report from NME, 24 December 1988:
On The Wire Christmas Ball
Manchester Ritz

ROLL UP! Roll up! all you freaky people! Outside the tinsel-strewn Ritz ballroom are parked coaches boasting the name of such far-away towns as Chester, Colwyn Bay, Wigan and Rochdale. From all over Northern England hundreds have travelled to pay tribute to the God of BBC Radio Lancashire, Steve Barker. Tonight is the Christmas knees-up for his On The Wire programme. And it's an extravaganza of hippness and insanity.

Welcome to the lunatic asylum. Home of Annie 'Anxiety' Sandoz. The Crass-girl shambles on to the stage with hair cropped, fag hanging out her mouth and black fingerless gloves concealing her hands. The Liza Minelli of One Little Indian Records, she bursts into a rendition of her single 'As I Lie In Your Arms', like the eccentric old lady who buys her 'glamour' from Oxfam. But this is nothing compared to the eccentric nature of the audience . . . This is On The Wire's three-way listenership. One third gang anarcho hippies, one third youthful homeboys . . . and one third dope-smoking, middle-aged civil servants!

Dungaree-clad 808 State and Brylcream boy A Guy Called Gerald are next on the bill with a hour of live House mixing. There is not a 'real' instrument anywhere, just wires, keyboards, microphones and tables of jiggling computers until they are joined by rap crew The Spinmasters to liven things up. This is where the dancing really begins.

Finally it's Tackhead tape time! Looking like a fat, ex-con bouncer Gary Clail begins the megatrip, rapping out the words of 'Half Cut For Confidence' with the balding genius of Adrian Sherwood at his side. The world is visibly shaken, Steve Barker grins and scenes of madness and hysteria continue late into the night.

Sarah Champion